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The Best Stock Trading Apps for Beginners

Best Stock Trading App for Beginners - Trading The Best Stock Trading App for Beginners is registered, safe and official with OJK. Stocks are a form of business that we hear often and discuss often in the wider community as it plays an important role as an investment business system.

If we hear the word “stocks”, then it will definitely refer to an investment problem. What are promotions? What is the relationship between stocks and investments? How well do we know that stocks work through investing?

As a beginner, of course, we ask ourselves, to what extent do we know that the stock business can provide investment opportunities?

Investment trading through stocks is a step taken as a form of long-term income for anyone who has truly mastered the understanding of the stock business with millions of investment opportunities.

Starting this step as a beginner, we can start by exploring some stock trading apps that can later be used as an alternative to starting simple investments by taking advantage of the business opportunities in the digital world with the best stock trading app in 2021.

The Best Stock Trading Apps for Beginners

The stock trading app is one of the business investment apps that can provide a large return compared to various other forms of investment, but you still need to pay attention to the level of risk and opportunities that you face. Since this is a business, of course, an investment business that has great opportunities, there will also be great risks.

With the rise of technology in the modern era, as it is today, the stock trading app can be well used by all novice investors, so that we can greatly assist novice investors in the process of trading stocks on the capital markets around the world by using the best stocks stock trading apps. in 2021.

If you are new to the Indonesian securities business, then even global stocks are essential in order to have the best stock app to download via Android in 2021, with many benefits.

Here are some of the best stock trading apps for beginners, secure, and also officially registered with the OJK.

1. The best standard apps from Magic

Ajaib is the premier stock trading app owned by the Ajaib Group and operated by two of its leading companies, NAMELY PT. Magic Securities Asia and BT. Indonesian Technological Amazement (Magic Mutual Fund).

By using the Ajaib stock trading app, we, as newbies, will not be confused to become a Magic investor, because the Magic app provides the best guidance on recommending the right products, which are also the most profitable for the financial situation of investors who are struggling to maximize profits by suppressing excellent losses.

The smartest way to invest to maximize your profits simply by having the best stock trading app from the Magic Stock Trading App available for download here!

2. Best stock app from MNC Trade New

MNC Trade Now is a stock trading app provided by MNC Sekuritas and also part of the MNC Group. The company was founded in 1989 to the present.

This app offers many cool features such as late orders, GTC order gap orders and many other cool features for aspiring investors looking to start a digital stock business. In addition to many interesting features that are at least less attractive, the MNC Trade New app gives investors the ease of investing with a fairly low capital of Rp. Only 100,000. In addition, the accrued commission for the sale is 0.28% and the commission for the purchase is 0.18%.

As a beginner, not only do we use a minimum capital, but we also need to make sure we know how the stock trading system works as a beginner to get the most out of our digital trading app business.

To get familiar with the new MNC stock trading app, you can download it here!

3. RTI Business

This stock trading app is also a reliable app for buying and selling stocks that have been auctioned to trusted investors, so there is no doubt that we, as newbies, can try to become investors in this RTI Infokom company.

This app is available to get the best information about the capital market in Indonesia, starting with quotes, charts, financial data, analytics, up-to-date information on company decisions, stock and capital market news.

In addition, we can also see a picture of the company's performance over the past five years through its profit and loss statements, cash flow, profitability, balance sheet, growth and profit.

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