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Are you ready to invest in gold? If so, check the gold price today first

Are you ready to invest in gold? If so, check the gold price today first - Precious metal or gold is a practical and easy investment for anyone. For those with medium to long term goals, such as sending kids to a higher level or buying a home, is the key to investing in gold. The reason is that gold offers benefits that are very promising gains for at least five years, it is easy to cash out, and prices tend to rise. Even if it decreases, the value is not great.

Typically, the gold traded in the market comes from PT Aneka Tambang (Antam) and PT Untung Bersama Sejahtera (UBS). The difference in price between them is not very large (UBS went a little lower), and the estimate is the same - 99.99%. However, Antam gold is accredited and internationally recognized by the London Bullion Market Association, while UBS gold is nationally accredited by PT UBS. However, the buyback price is about the same.

Are you ready to invest in gold? If so, check the gold price today first

For those who are already experienced in investing in gold, consider the following tips to get the best price for gold.

Check gold price

Before buying, check the gold price today on the official website of Antam's Gold, Pegadaian boutique, market and verified gold stores. Usually there is information about the price of gold per gram, half a gram, five grams, two grams, up to 100 grams. Compare prices and get the latest economic news, especially about gold, because local gold prices are influenced by world gold prices.

Choose a way to invest

After checking the price of gold, choose your investment method. You can invest by buying directly from Antam's Gold Boutique or from a trusted gold store, saving gold from Pegadaian or the market. What is the difference?

The advantage of buying physical gold is that you can take it home immediately or store it at home. If it is gold savings, you can buy it in installments or save money depending on your ability and the savings system converts the money into gold (grams). If you want real gold, you have to pay the printing fee.

Whichever method you choose, investing is one way to manage your finances. So that the future for you and your family is guaranteed. In addition, self-defense is another equally important component of financial management. In other words, it is advisable to take out insurance with investment incentives.

This was done by the investment fund PRULink from Prudential Indonesia. An investment fund allows you to choose premiums or contributions that are invested in different types of funds, from stock portfolios, fixed income and others. The goal is to protect insurance as well as investment.

Choose storage method

Especially for those who buy physical gold, these items can be stored in a safe at home, in a bank safe, at a pawnshop or using the Antam LM Safeguard service.

It's time to melt the gold

When is the best time to melt gold? It depends on your goals. If the goal is achieved, eliminate immediately. But if you want very attractive returns, keep gold for at least five years.

Just a tip: buy gold in fractions of one gram. The reason is that the fines dissolve more easily than 50 grams. Have a great investment and don't forget to check the gold price today.

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