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Forex traders: tap into crypto trading for new revenue

Forex traders: tap into crypto trading for new revenue - Many traders who used to make money in the forex market lose a lot, and this is all because they ignore the main asset - cryptocurrencies. Although initially a little-known organization, Bitcoin has been around for a decade now and alternative cryptocurrencies (commonly known as altcoins) are a fast-growing market.

Savvy traders who have opened their minds to cryptocurrencies in recent years have managed to make huge profits in a volatile market. Experienced forex traders can take advantage of this as they are now familiar with the rhythm and methods of currency exchange.

Why Forex Traders Should Switch to Cryptocurrencies

Just like making a profit from fluctuations in the exchange rate of fiat currencies, one can also trade on cryptocurrency exchanges to make a profit. Cryptocurrencies can be exchanged in pairs, as well as with other fiat currencies. All the usual forex broker orders such as stop loss, take profit and auto increase are also present when working in the cryptocurrency market.

Forex traders: tap into crypto trading for new revenue

The main difference is that cryptocurrencies, which are not limited to government intervention, can fluctuate greatly in price, which means increased profits for traders who are timing wise.

StormGain: The Best Way To Get Into Cryptocurrency

You no longer need to be a computer technology fanatic to be able to easily buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies. Inspired by the desire to make cryptocurrency trading easier and more profitable for everyone, StormGain offers the most user-friendly platform for trading cryptocurrency futures contracts.

With StormGain, you can trade Bitcoin and 22 of the best alternative cryptocurrency tools from your smartphone or over the Internet on your computer. All information, including market indicators, exchange rates and commissions, is displayed intuitively and transparently in our easy-to-use application.

Trading actions can be performed with a few simple clicks of the mouse, as it should be. Boost your income with a multiplier of up to x150 without losing any commission - StormGain boasts one of the lowest exchange commissions on the market.

All the functions a forex trader needs

StormGain is run by experienced traders who provide the platform with a complete set of features that forex traders will be familiar with. Regular trading signals are provided in the app, so you never miss an opportunity, and the market situation is displayed in easy-to-understand charts.

Become a coding expert with in-app training

Confused by Bitcoin? Not for long! StormGain is designed to turn newbies into confident crypto traders in no time. The StormGain app has a built-in tutorial that will introduce new users to the basics and build their knowledge base to an expert level.

StormGain also offers a $ 50,000 virtual demo account to play with. So what are you waiting for? Sign up with StormGain now and start trading cryptocurrency in seconds!

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