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Get to know the 24 Hours Autopilot Gold Trading Robot

Get to know the 24 Hours Autopilot Gold Trading Robot - What is Autotrade Gold 5.0? - Autotrade Gold 5.0 or also known as an Expert Advisor (EA) is a system that automatically works like a robot for trading gold. These tools help traders to make it easier to make a profit when working in the foreign exchange (foreign exchange) market, or in Indonesia it is called foreign exchange (forex).

This bot will help you execute all online gold transactions (XAUUSD) and run them on autopilot. This way, traders can still make profits without disrupting their daily routine, even while sleeping or on vacation, even if they are still assets that work for you.

If you invest profit using the auto connect feature of this Autotrade Gold 5.0 robot, traders will get more profit. The advantage of this bot over other similar bots is that it is not only run by a professional team, but also generates an average profit of 15% per month for 16 consecutive months.

And the most interesting thing is that the received profit is 100% owned by investors (traders) without any deductions. The system uses STP / ECN brokers, so the liquidity provider assumes all risks.

Get to know the 24 Hours Autopilot Gold Trading Robot

“As a support group for Autotradegold 5.0, we offer the ultimate in support and functionality, a feature on our website that contains the Autotrade Gold Complex Automatic Balance Simulator that we have designed specifically for ATG50 users to see balance changes before or after signing up with ATG. as well as for special applications for ATG members. Ease of access is a priority. "

Having Autotrade Gold is very useful for professional traders and very busy business people, as well as for beginners who do not understand the world of trading at all. ATG is like an assistant that can take profits every day.

Technically, the benefits of this robot are endless. But it is beneficial for the traders themselves, they do not need to get tired of trading, and they can avoid the psychological and emotional effects of fluctuations in gold prices.

After purchasing the EA Autotrade Gold package, traders do not need to do anything, because all transactions are carried out by the company's IT team. Just monitor its performance via your smartphone and withdraw profits every day or keep funds until the automatic synthesis system works to make the Break Event Point (BEP) process faster.

Although it has an Autocompound system, this income search can be done at any time and for any amount. Because 100% of the funds are under the trader's control without 100% distribution of profits to investors and without any blocking of the balance by the company. However, if you want your EA Autotrade Gold account to continue to be active, the user only needs to leave $ 100 in the account. 

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